Games, volume, tables, live poker?

I play on Poker Stars online with a nickname 'bosynurek' which means 'barefooted diver' in polish. But it sounds like "boss and something in english" and the polish word for a shark is 'rekin' which is somewhat like 'nurek' (a diver) when you switch letters.

I am a small stakes grinder (and if you want to back me up with your money you can check all my data on I have grinded a lot but now I play much less volume – simply a fish who plays just on Sundays and blink big MTT from time to time

But I have played live casino cash games on a regular basis in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

So I am a live player too which is not so common thing here in Central and Eastern Europe especially for players from my home country – Poland – where poker is mostly illegal, especially live poker

Try hard to win

How PTP helps you?

It helps me to play a very profitable games which I beat for sure but which I should not play with my money just due to good bankroll management rules which I swore to obey.

Your biggest cash?

My biggest cash was in The Hotter $33 just few months ago which I won for more than 9k. It is a great money for me especially when you take it home after a game on Sunday.

It was a BAP from PTP so I took just a part of it (but big one). Nice story: 1/3 of a BAP was unsold 45 minutes before start and I planned to buy it by myself but one lucky guy at gaming club casino bought it and he got a big chunk of this win in a result.

After this win there is much more of interest in my BAPs. It’s obvious that if you send to people money from a relatively big win one time, you probably more likely do it another.


I think it is a great opportunity for anyone who has got good skills but doesn’t have a bankroll (we all think we got it, don’t we? to play on a higher level.

There are a lot of people out there who think you lose a part of your own win when selling pieces or having a backer but the truth is you have the big opportunity here on PTP to play with a wordclass level bankroll management skills – you just play with the other guys money

And it is a great chance for investors, not only poker players (cause you just need to know which horse is a good one) to make money in a long run. But you have to know how to choose a winning horse and how to not be a victim of cheaters and scammers which can really hurt – no one likes to be cheated for money. So to be an investor it is a skill itself. You can be a good investor and not an expert poker player and you can be an expert poker player who doesn't know about investing - but less likely

I invest much less then I sell and the main reason is just because I don’t have enough money There are plenty of good players here on PTP to invest your money in a good way for sure so if you got money you really should consider investing here.

How to be good poker player?

I am probably not a good person to give answers on this matter but I can give some advices for sure mainly because I have made a lots of mistakes.

The most important thing IMHO is to have a life outside poker and to really care about healthy lifestyle. Poker is a long run game and you will want to be on the end of it so don’t mess with your health, try to have a well-balanced life much more then well-ballanced ranges and keep your ambition outside poker game Sounds easy but it’s not so easy for everyone. It’s a big skill itself.

So money will come for all good players out there but patience and keeping feet on the ground at all time is a key.

And by the way money and being a good poker player is not a most important think in the world. When you understand it and learn to act accordingly, the most important thing is a bankroll management. I spent lot of time thinking about is AT+ or rather AJ+ good in such and such spot etc. when playing much above risk level acceptable in my specific situation day by day. And bankroll management is a patience thing and keeping your stupid ambition far away from the game.

How to survive tilting time?

I think healthy lifestyle and good bankroll management is a key. In good conditions at a start of a session you don’t tilt so much after it is all done and the worst scenario has happened - which is, in fact, happening all the time.

Favorite poker star?

The best poker player is my brother. My favourite star is Patrik Antonius because he is such a good tennis player and good looking and I really like Vanessa Selbst approach to the game which I know well after spending long time watching her videos.

There are a lot of amazing stars out there but IMO it is most important to watch and take care about your small game cause we will most likely will not be a part of the big one. And it is hard to be well-rounded when you think about all this unbelievably big pots and high life of famous poker players. But I enjoy watching a show obviously from time to time especially World Series of Poker Main Event on ESPN.

Message to friends and begginers on PTP?

You guys who invest your money are all great And the community is really good and there are a lot of people which are so nice to each other and very helpful. So thank you all, you do a good work.

The most important thing the beginner should know is that taking $10 and run or taking 10k and run is not a good strategy, very stupid one. You should not do it not only because it is a moral thing to give people back their money. Here it’s all about the opportunity the people who invest money can give you later. So you better play well and send money back

Good luck to all and thank you. And excuse me for my english, I rather speak globish.