What is SupportAwards.org?

    SupportAwards.org was established by Corey Ganser, Customer Support Manager at MindTouch, to put emphasis on outstanding customer support and service.  MindTouch prides itself on its customer support and wanted to recognize other companies and people that work hard to provide  excellent support to their customers.  To do so SupportAwards.org was created to allow people to nominate their favorite company/agents that they believe deserve Recognition for Excellence in Customer Support and Service, also known as R.E.C.S.S.

    When was Support Awards established?

    July 2009 by Corey Ganser from the MindTouch Support Department. 

    How do I nominate a company or person?

    You can easily nominate a company or person by filling out the Nomination form.

    Will My Email be used for Spam? 

    SupportAwards.org takes privacy very seriously and will only send you emails that pertain to SupportAwards.org.  We will not sell emails or distribute them to a 3rd party.

    How does SupportAwards.org determine a winner?

    After the nomination period, nominations are open for 1 month, then the top 10 nominations are pooled together and added to the site for people to vote.  The company/person with the most votes at the end of the voting period, which is 2 weeks, will win the R.E.C.S.S.  The winners of the R.E.C.S.S. for the individual industries will then go on to another round, 1 week, to determine the best customer support/service department and agent across all industries.  

    How long are Nominations open?

    Take a look at the Nominations page for more details.

    When is the voting period?

    View the Voting page for more details.  The winners of the Industry awards will go on to another round of voting to determine the best customer support/service across all industries.  

    If I win, what do I get?

    The winners of the R.E.C.S.S. will receive an award that will be mailed to them along with a badge they can put on their website noting that they won the R.E.C.S.S.

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