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How do I get an award for someone at my company?
Go to the award page and order it!
Can I order awards for more than one person?
Do I need a PayPal account to order?
No. PayPal will process your credit card without your needing an account.
How many votes do I get?
Only one per category. Good example: vote in USA/"internet" and USA/"industrial". BAD example: vote in USA/"internet" and Canada/"internet" (all your votes will be deleted).
How do you keep track of voting?
We record your IP address. If you violate our rules, we flag your IP address as a bad address and all votes from that IP address are deleted.
But I am at a company that uses the same IP address for everyone!
Suggest you vote from your phone or from home!
Can I vote more than once?
Yes, you get one vote per category only, and irrespective of country selected. If you vote in the category "internet" in the country USA, you CANNOT vote again in the category "internet" for USA or any other country.
What if I spell the company name wrong?
Should I use the "Inc." or "Corp." or "Ltd." thing after the company name?


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